Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

Quality in the bowl, money in your pocket!
Highest Quality Meats - Affordable Price - 10%-25% less than our closest competitors!

The Basic facts are:

The Real Meat Company products are made in the USA and meats sourced from USA, New Zealand and Australia. 

1. The meat in our products is sourced from only the finest farms, free ranging and humanely raised without growth hormones or antibiotics and our fish are from the deep clear oceans of the South Pacific. The fish is ethoxyquin free, the product we use is taken from the human grade fish leftovers and shipped in large frozen blocks. We do not use fish meal which must be sprayed with ethoxyquin if imported into the US.

2. There are NO ingredients from china.

3. We do not use any grains and have no wheat or gluten.

4. No preservatives other than vitamin E, no anti-biotic, no flavorings, no growth hormones, no colorings.

5. It is not irradiated.

6. Every shipment of meat carries USDA, FDA certification. (Believe it, they check all small companies)

7. They're YUMMY! HEALTHY! And four footers LOVE Real Meat Foods and Treats.

Most of our products are made in the USA, currently the Venison Lungs and Venison Livers and our Freeze-Dried Foods do come in bulk from New Zealand. We use only US, New Zealand and Australian meats, our DOG FOODS currently list origin of meat on the bags.

 We live and work in the USA and support growing jobs in the USA!!! But not all USA meat is free range, or humanely raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. We at Real Meat will not use "feed lot" Meat, it’s cruel and we just can’t do it. YUCK! We do try to buy from small ranches in the USA when possible. Our wild boar comes from a farm in Texas.

We try to balance natural, healthy, tasty, cost effective and safe, it is not always easy to do. Sometimes healthy is not tasty, natural may not be safe and some ingredients just way to pricy.

The supplements and other ingredients we specify Non-China from our suppliers. Some of the supplements will be from Europe and Mexico, most are US.

We would like to use all natural vitamins but to make a food that is considered complete and balanced as well as affordable some synthetic vitamins are necessary. We are All Natural with added vitamins and minerals on our foods. We could use all natural vitamins but as they vary in potency from batch to batch it becomes very expensive to test all the production runs to guarantee the vitamins are there for proper nutrition or we would have to market as a "supplement" even though it would probably be complete and balanced, without the testing the FDA will not allow us to call it so. As technology gets better and suppliers get better sources we do change out synthetics for natural vitamins whenever we can.