Treats Mix Custom 6 Pack Jerky Treats

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STARTING at $37.99 for 3oz Cat Treats Mix,

STARTING at $40.39 for 4oz Dog Treats Mix (extra for Venison Treats)

STARTING at $66.00 for 12oz Dog Treats Mix (extra for Venison Treats)

Create your own custom mix of 3oz Cat Treats, 4oz Dog Treats or 12oz Dog Treats.

You can choose 6 bags of different flavors or 6 bags of the same flavor, or if you have both dogs and cats, get a mix of dog treats and cat treats!

You can also choose different sizes of bags! (For example, 2 bags of 3 oz Cat Treats, 2 bags of 4 oz Dog Treats, 2 bags of 12 oz Dog Treats.)

Chose 6 items from the list to create your custom package and $ave!

  • Item #: Mixed 6 pack
  • Manufacturer: The Real Meat Company
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