Oxygen Absorber Safety Information

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Oxygen Absorber Safety Information

Oxygen Absorbers are safe, and if eaten are nontoxic. The material used inside oxygen absorber packets is iron dust. The oxygen absorber works by allowing finely divided iron to react with oxygen to create iron oxide, also known as rust. The iron is not dangerous and may be absorbed by your body much like an iron supplement. A person or animal can be poisoned by eating large quantities of iron. However, according to WebMD, poisoning symptoms begin to appear only after eating more than 10 mg of iron per kilogram of body weight. This means that even a small child or animal would need to eat several packets to have any poisoning reaction. 

Oxygen absorbers are small packets that are added to food containers to remove oxygen. The oxygen is intentionally removed to preserve the food. Removing the oxygen can keep some types of bacteria and fungi from growing, and will keep oils from becoming rancid.

What to do =  Your pet may be a bit extra thirsty so make sure they have plenty of water available. If they swallowed it whole, wrapper and all, you may want to give your pet a tablespoon of olive oil or fish oil to enable a smooth passage of the wrapper through its body. 

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