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    Since 2003 Dogs & Cats have been indulging in our delicious and

    healthy all natural jerky treats, made from the finest free range grass fed meats

    with no added hormones or antibiotics.

    Real Meat is not Raw, it's pasteurized and safe to handle.

    We gently prepare our treats using minimal ingredients, low temperatures and

    lots of care to produce our natural jerky treats, one of the finest available.

    Simply the best training treat, it's easy to carry, healthy and easy to feed in and out of the ring!

    We bring the core temperature up to 180F for a short period of time to eliminate the possibility of pathogens.

    Air Drying is a low temperature cooking, the highest it gets 150f  for 10 minutes, it still is "cooking" just at a low temperature. From a production and general food safety perspective pasteurization and cooking also allows us to comfortably manufacture and distribute products without the pathogens that can create health risks.